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Mary Poppins
Marry Poppins
Little Women

Solano Youth Theatre

A Division of Young Artists Conservatory of Music

Full Length Musicals 

Due to Covid-19, in-door theatrical productions are on hold.  YACM is committed to the value of SYT programs as a developmental resource for youth.  Covid Compliant Drama Classes are currently offered to provide young people with opportunities to continue their development.

We are inspired by the potential of positive change within our students, and in turn, within our surrounding communities. Celebrating a multi-cultural world, the goal of Solano Youth Theatre is to facilitate opportunities for aspiring performers from all walks of life to feel creatively liberated, socially engaged, and professionally prepared for a growing and evolving world. Solano Youth Theatre offers a leg-up when everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfill their potential.


Enroll Online

To enroll in Theatre Classes Online, you must create an account.  You will receive an email link to your portal. Once in your portal you can view and enroll in available classes. Please email if you need assistance. 



The SYT Pit Orchestra is a volunteer community orchestra. 

Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, January 29th.  Capable students and professionals are invited to join. 

Student musicians interested in performing the score from the Broadway Musical West Side Story  must be able to read and play a professional musical score and be able to commit to 12 rehearsals (Wednesdays 6:15-8:15) + performance week (January 15-April 1st). 

Adult and professional musicians are asked to attend as many rehearsals as possible to facilitate the rehearsal process. 

SYT - Building Confidence and Community

Solano Youth Theatre (SYT) is a division of the Young Artists Conservatory of Music. The SYT program is a highly developed, organized, and professional youth theatre experience upholding a high standard of excellence to encourage a joyful and meaningful impact for our families and community.

Continuing a legacy of unsurpassed excellence in youth theatre, SYT invites children and youth to enroll as cast members in our upcoming shows. SYT offers musicals and plays for children, youth and young adults throughout the season.

"Be Our Guest" - Solano Youth Theatre
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Why is SYT so great for kids?

SYT is a strong community of families, actors, directors, administrators, sponsors, designers, coaches, theatre professionals, and audience members who partner to create positive outcomes for children and youth through excellence in theatre.  

Young people who participate in SYT theatrical training experience the quality of a highly supportive community. In this setting, children and youth learn to commit their talents to a collaboration, are encouraged to take responsibility for their role, and are taught to recognize their contribution to the overall significance of the production.

The SYT production, design, and administrative team dedicate themselves to help the children of each SYT show recognize and pursue their potential. By overcoming obstacles and facing challenges in a FUN and SUPPORTIVE environment, the young people of SYT develop healthy self-esteem and community.  

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