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Children at Young Artists Conservatory of Music (YACM) become musicians who are creative, confident, resilient, and compassionate in life.

Young Artists Conservatory of Music (Vacaville) is a community dedicated to the health, welfare, and development of children. During Covid, Children now more than ever, need experiences that cultivate imagination, resilience, hopefulness, creativity and confidence.

As a non-profit organization YACM coordinates resources to bring qualified and expert teaching artists into a relationship with young people to experience the positive effects of music and theatre. For over 15 years Solano County families have experienced their child's transformative development through arts programs at YACM.

Learning at YACM is rooted first in the undeniable reality that everyone is born musical. From birth, babies recognize the sound of their mothers voice from a part of the brain that later develops musicianship. A NASA study showed that 98% of 4-5 year olds scored creative genius on a longitudinal scale but 5 years later only 30% of the same children retained the score of creative genius. After another 5 years, 12% showed the same creative potential. By adulthood all but 2% were lost to their preschool potential of creative genius.

Secondly, lessons and classes at YACM are grounded in the time-honored tradition of classical training. Today, we often call classical training "legit" because YACM students learn to read music, understand musical theory, notation, and composition all while cultivating the aural skills and technical skills needed to play, sing or act with security and confidence. Legit learning takes years of commitment by parents and experienced Teaching Artists to help the student grow in their own commitment. YACM students develop the "legit" skills that develop their confidence and success in music and life.

If you live in or near Solano County and want to explore your child's potential and the transformative effects of a "legit" music or drama education, contact us for a free trial lesson in our Covid-compliant studios and garden.

(707) 451-7200

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