Potential Achieving - Arts Education

You're Invited! Evan Losoya, Composer Debut Concert

October 22 at 7:00 pm

Steinway Piano Gallery - Walnut Creek CA

Entrance is Free / RSVP HERE

The YACM founding mission statement includes this phrase, "promoting a “potential achieving” environment through comprehensive opportunities in musical and theatrical education." In honor of National Arts and Education Week, Young Artists Conservatory of Music (YACM) is raising awareness for the importance of arts education in the lives of those who share our community. When I and the founding board members of YACM wrote our mission statement in 2005 we wanted to ensure our activities would be anchored in revealing the POTENTIAL of young people.

Human dignity is emboldened in pursuit of our potential. There may be no worse words in the evaluation of a person’s effort than “he is not meeting up with his potential”, or in the evaluation of another’s missed opportunity, “she had such great potential”. Arts Education expressed in a meaningful way, provides a clear and defined path for achieving potential. Everyone is born with innate musicality, that is, the ability to develop themselves in rhythmic, and tonal communication.

Studies have proven that meaningful music education dynamically enhance auditory and verbal skills, social intelligence, and overall academic success. Life has proven that meaningful music education produces the joy of sharing in the artistic capacity of another. We are empowered by the mutuality of a shared arts experience. YACM continues to embrace the dignity of a “Potential Achieving” mission.

I invite you to meet 2016 – 2017 YACM featured pianist and rising composer Evan Losoya. Evan has studied piano at YACM for almost 10 years. He has been under the instruction of myself, Wanda Cook for 5 of those years. Evan embodies the achievements of the pursuit of excellence and potential and raises the dignity of those who experience his music. Seventeen year-old Losoya will perform a concert event on October 22, 2016 where he will debut selected works from his first collection of original composed piano pieces. His virtuosity and significant compositions exposes a potential worth the pursuit and our attention.

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