The Strength of Music Education is Remarkable

E. Caro 10 Years Old

Margaret Beelard Foundation partners with YACM for strings education to greatly impact Solano County youth.

Solano Junior Strings (Ages 14 – 17)

All Strings Attached (children’s orchestra)

Enroll your Child Now! Nominal Tuition under $25.00 month!

What’s the most impactful way we can make communities great? YACM has its answer. YACM develops great communities by developing greater kids.

Children who are NOT enrolled in quality music education are 4 times less likely to experience recognition for academic achievement and 3 times less likely to win an award based upon diligence and perseverance.

S.B. Heath, 1999, cited in National Endowment for the Arts 2011 White Papers, “The Arts and Human Development”, p.22

The Margaret Beelard Foundation has generously partnered with YACM to unleash the potential in our children and youth. Young Artists Conservatory of Music is a community of families, donors, faculty, and staff that come together to make great changes in the lives of children. We teach them the sensitivity, confidence, diligence and beauty in making music. The Margaret Beelard Foundation has provided generous funding to build a community of string musicians and a youth orchestra.

The research is showing that learning to play an instrument (in a quality setting) leads to changes in a child’s brain that no other activity is proven to create. Musically trained children are more likely to reach their full cognitive and academic potential.

(E. Glenn Schellenberg, Music Lessons Ehance IQ, Psychological Sciene, 15)

Join us and make community great. Join us and make your child greater!

Young Artists Conservatory of Music proudly uses the education standards of The Royal Conservatory of Music. This link provides more information on the overwhelming power of music education in communities. RCM: An Overview of Current Neuroscience Research

Dr. Sylvain Moreno, Rotman Research Institute

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