"5, 6, 7, 8" Tap Dance this Summer

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Tap Dance this summer with YACM’s Naomi Simpson!

Musical Theatre and Broadway loves tap! YACM announces our Tap Dance summer workshop! As our own Solano Youth Theatre Choreographer, Naomi brings the stage to life. Get ready for Solano Youth Theatre’ upcoming season with summer tap lessons. Classes are help at Will C Wood High School in Vacaville.

Ages 6-8

June 22-June 26 from 4:30-6:30pm $150.00

Ages 9-11

June 29-July 3 from 4:30-7:30pm $180.00

Ages 12 and up

July 6-July 10 from 4:30-7:30pm $180.00

Email office to sign up HERE.

Our registrar will contact you soon to confirm enrollment and answer your questions.


This workshop will provide students with a basic to intermediate knowledge of tap dance. Students will learn proper tap technique, terminology, and rhythm. "I will start each class with a basic warm-up, that by the end of the session, students will likely have memorized. We will train in the center of the room learning proper foot placement as well as how to use each tap on our shoe in order to achieve the cleanest sound when executing a tap step."

Students will do basic to intermediate combinations across the floor. These exercises will be designed to not only provide practice in basic tap steps, but also to build strength in both memorization and sequencing. By splitting the students into three different levels based on age, I will be able to teach at a pace best suited for each age level.

At the end of this workshop, students will know majority of these steps at various levels depending upon age:

•Toe taps (froward, side, back)

•Toe and heel tocs

•Toe heels (turning)

•Heel (dig) steps

•Toe steps

•Twist heel step

•Cramprolls (single, double, triple)


•Shuffle hop step


•Shuffle balchange

•Jump cross turns

•Maxi ford (turning)

•Heel drop

•Heel drop heel

•Flap heel (turning)

•Flap heel heel (turning)

•Flap balchange (turning)

•Buffalo (single, double, triple) (turning)

•Rifts (4-8)


•Times steps (single, double, triple)

•Traveling time steps

•Waltz clogs (single, double, triple)

•Possibility of basic wings and pull backs depending on skill level

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