Mommy and Me Makes a Difference

Brianna McCulloch loves kids, loves music, and loves mommies. This is a perfect combination for our Mommie and Me music class here at the Conservatory.

Brianna, who is a board certified Music Therapist, brings enthusiasm as well as her academic and Conservatory training to her class that focuses on using music to enhance the development of children.

Her graduate degree in Music Therapy comes from the University of Miami -- a program that specializes Neurologic Music Therapy.

Mommie and Me is fun, no doubt. It is also important.

Research documents more and more every year how learning music from a very young age speeds the development of young brains. There is a lot more to singling, clapping, stomping, dancing and banging drums than just making noise and having fun.

Making music requires:

  • Listening

  • Following Direction

  • Being with Friends

  • Matching Rhythm and Pitch

This involves a child's ears, eyes, as well as large and small muscle groups. Making music marshals many parts of the brain. That translates to nurturing development in a child.

So what is the payback in terms of a child's future? Listen to the research.

Language Development: Listening to music improves our ability to listen to words.

Increased IQ: Making music with others requires focusing and giving attention to sound. E. Glenn Schellenberg at the University of Toronto found that the IQs of six year olds increase when they are given weekly music lessons.

Big Brains: Dr. Eric Rasmussen at Johns Hopkins University has found that when children study music they develop more neuropathways – the connections between neurons that make brains bigger, stronger, and smarter!

Math Skills: Making music improves spatial-temporal skills. This matters when you are trying to solve problems that require breaking down problems into steps like you would in architecture, engineering, math, and computer programing.

We are fortunate to be able to offer Brianna's expertise to our community for the benefit of even our youngest artists!

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