Introducing Richard Crockett, Drums

Crockett, Rich.jpg
Richard Crockett brings over 30 yrs of experience as a working drummer to teaching.

Using standard and hybrid drum rudiments, Mr. Crockett teaches his students how to apply these disciplines to a variety of musical genres and styles.

“Working on scales or rudiments in our case, can be tedious and boring. It’s turned many potential drummers away at an early age." Mr. Crockett says. " I take the simplest of rudiments and have students apply them to the modern drum set almost immediately.

"The entire world of drum sounds, styles, and the interaction between these elements is immediately opened up to my students.”

Mr. Crockett combines modern electronic drums along with classic acoustic drums and percussive devices to weave rhythmic melodies in group classes, workshops, and private 1-on-1 sessions.

“One day my students may be playing on my top-of-the-line maple drum set and the next lesson we’re playing on utility buckets and 5 gallon water bottles," Mr Crockett says. " Either way, we’re creating sounds and laying out a 'red carpet”' of rhythm upon which other musician can join us. It truly is a fun and exciting experience”.

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